Melinda Cullman

was born in London and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she attended art school, was mentored by esteemed painter John Olsen, and exhibited in the Hogarth Gallery and the Stephen Mori Gallery.

In her twenties she moved into decorative painting and worked on the Bosphorus, restoring old Yali's, in London, where she painted assorted restaurants and a nightclub for Richard Branson, and in NYC where her clients included Gianni Versace, Scott Rudin, Barbara Corcoran, Fred Schepisi, Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson.

When she returned to her own painting, a few years ago, she began incorporating elements of decorative work with the landscapes and dreamscapes that had been the basis of her earlier work.


Her style has been described as "Primitive Futurist" and "Naive, but knowing."

She lives in New York City, in the West Village, with her husband, her son and three pugs.She can make an 18 layer lasagna.